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At Blinds Sunshine Coast, we deal with all kinds of blinds and shades, including roller, vertical, Venetian, wood effect, metallic. We offer our clients the best services to suit any home or office needs.
Blinds Sunshine Coast offers various fabrics that can give your space a unique look; these include woodgrain vinyl, metalised fabric & plain vinyl. With us, you get a free measure and quote service to make sure that you are able to get the perfect fit for your windows. Our company specialises in Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Wooden Interior window shutters, all of which come with a warranty for domestic use!
Our blinds are available in many styles, including roller blinds (metalised), roman blinds (woodgrain vinyl), vertical blinds (metalised, woodgrain vinyl and plain vinyl) as well as interior shutters (plain, woodgrain & metalised).


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    What are blinds, and why would you want them in your home or office?

    Blinds are mainly used to block out light (decorative or functional) and are made of either fabric, vinyl, woodgrain or metal. They are mostly hung on the inside of windows, but sometimes they can be mounted on the outside if needed. Blinds come in many different options depending on style, colour and type (for example, roller blind or roman blind).
    They may not be as popular as curtains; however, blinds have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their ability to offer privacy while still allowing fresh air to circulate into your home.
    There are also numerous benefits that blinds will bring you, including warmth insulation during summer/winter seasons, added security due to their hard-to-break nature and ease of use.

    How to Measure for Blinds

    Taking measurements for your blinds is essential to getting the right product. An incorrectly measured blind will leave you disappointed with the finished result, so it’s important to get them the right first time around!
    There are basically two different types of measurements that are taken prior to ordering your new blinds. The width and drop need to be measured before placing an order with Blinds Sunshine Coast.

    Width Measurement – This measurement is taken from the left of the window rail (or bead) to the right side of the window opening, excluding any existing pelmet boxes, valance or cornice boards already installed on your home. Width Measurement – This measurement is taken from the left of the window rail (or bead) to the right side of the window opening, excluding any existing pelmet boxes, valance or cornice boards already installed on your home.

    Drop Measurement. Dropping the blind means measuring from the top of your window opening down to where you want your bottom hem bar to sit on the window sill or baseboard.

    Kitchen Window Blinds

    Benefits of choosing professional blind experts like Blind Sunshine Coast

    iring professionals to install your blinds is important because they have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the blinds are measured correctly, that all frames are installed flush against the wall and ceiling, carry a warranty on their workmanship, and have been properly trained the major manufacturers.
    Of course, not everyone has the skill set to measure correctly for inside mount blinds, so it is important to ask a professional window fitter if they supply this form of service as many householders do not understand how complicated this can be or how often it is required when multiple layers of material make up a window covering. Another benefit of going with a specialist company like Blinds Sunshine Coast who offer this type of workmanship as standard for every customer, is that there will not be any confusion about what happens if an issue does come up later down the line.

    Window Curtains

    Our Products and Services

    At Blinds Sunshine Coast, we offer different products and services which include; Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Panel Blinds, Roman Blinds, Lumen Blinds, Cellular Blinds, Outdoor Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Motorized Blinds, Veri Shades, Plantation Shutters, Roller Shutters, Hinged Shutters, Sliding Shutters, Aluminium Shutters, Outdoor Shutters, Basswood Shutters, curtains, sheer curtains, block out curtains, eyelet curtains, fold curtains, pencil pleat curtains, retractable awnings, folding arm awnings, colourbond awnings tec.
    We have been in the blinds industry for a long time, so you know that you will get good quality blinds when buying from us regardless of what kind of blinds you are looking for. We ensure that our customers get the highest quality of products and services. Here at Blinds Sunshine Coast, we offer you the best of both worlds for your home, business or commercial properties.

    Window Blinds

    How to choose the right type of blinds for your home

    First, you need to decide which type of window treatment would look great in your home or business premises. This is a big step because there are many types of blinds available from the most basic ones that cover only the top part of your window all the way to very ornate and decorative looking ones. The material used also makes a huge difference when it comes to choosing what kind will look great for your place. You can select from aluminium, plastic or wood materials, among others, depending on what works for you and your property.
    Secondly, you should consider how much light control you want through your window treatment. For example, if you want a complete blackout, then choose roller blinds instead of the usual curtains.

    Coloured Blinds

    The best way to care for your new blinds

    Your new blinds need to be kept clean and in good working condition if you want to achieve excellent results with them. The cleaning process is very simple and can be done every once in a while whenever the need arises. Besides that, it’s good to check your blinds on a more regular basis for any problems or defects that may occur with time.
    If you are looking for professional blind installation services, then having discussions with blind retailers will help you choose what type of window coverings are best suited for your place. A good retailer should also offer you high-quality customer service throughout the process, so make sure to find one that will suit all your needs.

    Blinds Installation Tips

    If you’re planning to install blinds yourself rather than pay for professional blind installation, then here are some tips that might help you.
    To measure for the correct size required, the first thing to do is raise your old blinds and measure from the top down to where you want the bottom hem bar of your new blind’s valance to sit on the sill or baseboard. This measurement needs to be very accurate as we cannot make corrections if it isn’t uniform from left to right.
    It is a good idea when measuring for a lift cord length, place a coin in between the position where you want the lift cord tail located so there will be enough cord rope after fitting through all of your window hardware and leaving enough excess pull cord length so you can raise and lower your blinds with ease.
    With all measurements in hand, it is time to start shopping for your new blinds. Make a list of the desired features and options you want, such as: corded or cordless operation, tilt control on-chain or wand, lift cords either inside or outside of the headrail when fitting inside the window casing is important when choosing inside mount blinds if they need to be tied off out of sight. It is important always to decide on a residential wood type when looking for shutters because there are differences in how the colours go through the different wood grains.

    The different types of blinds available

    Coloured Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds

    These types of blinds hang like a curtain and run up and down the window. These blinds are perfect for sliding windows. However, they are unable to turn a full 180 degrees.

    Black Roller Blinds

    Roller blinds

     These blinds attach to a headrail and can be pulled down or up during the day using a string attached at the bottom. These blinds are popular in kitchens and bathrooms as they come with hard-to-break components, making them ideal

    Orange Venetian Blinds

    Venetian Blinds

    Venetian Blinds are created from aluminium or plastic and open and close by sliding horizontally along a track. These blinds are best for windows that receive a lot of sunlight as they help block out the sun.

    Brown Roman Blinds

    Roman Blinds

    These blinds are perfect for large windows and sliding doors. These blinds open like an accordion by pulling on cords found underneath each blind. The excess fabric can be either pushed to the side or inside the headrail

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    Window Measurement
    Pink Curtains
    Grey Block Out Curtains

    Why Choose Us?

    One of the reasons you should choose Blinds Sunshine Coast is our exceptional customer service. We are proud of our ability to offer high-quality products made of the finest materials combined with excellent customer care services.
    You can rely on us because we have been in this industry for many years, that’s why you can trust us to provide only the best. Our expertise allows us to manufacture and deliver unique, stylish and long-lasting window treatments, so what are you waiting for? Call Us Now!
    We also offer a wide variety of blinds Sunshine Coast designs, colours & fabrics, so you can be 100% sure that your new window coverings will look fantastic. Don’t hesitate too much time picking out your new drapes! There is simply no match on Blinds Sunshine Coast when it comes to our products.

    People Also Ask:

    Which is the best type of blinds?

    The type of blinds you want to use will depend on the purpose of these blinds. If you are looking to get blackout blinds then look no further than your local hardware shop.

    What is the best way to install window blinds?

    The specific type of window blind installation can be affected by various factors including, but not limited to: window frame construction type (single vs. double-hung), exterior conditions (weather exposure & other environmental factors), and interior conditions (hanging weight).

    Which type of blind do I need for my child's room?

    When it comes to children’s rooms, blackout blinds would be an ideal option. They often combine light blocking capabilities with light-diffusing fabric, which reduces harsh lighting.

    Which fabric or colour should I choose for my new curtains?

    This all depends on personal preferences when it comes to choosing what colour you want for your curtains.

    Which is better, curtains or blinds?

    Curtains and blinds both offer different possibilities in terms of their features. Curtains can be bulkier than blinds, offering increased warmth and flair than most blind designs. Why not contact our Customer Services department, who will aid you in your decision as to whether curtains or blinds would suit your room and your needs best? We can help you with all the curtains and blinds!


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